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Mt Lassen Trout Farm is extremely proud to be partnering with the top suppliers of fish and seafood in Northern California. Our ability to deliver our fish live to the processing plants leads to a freshness that is unsurpassed. Read what some of our customers are saying about us and our fish:

"Mt. Lassen Trout are as close to wild trout as one could find anywhere. The flavor is clean and the freshness is always impeccable. This is truly a handcrafted, artisan fish that changed my perception of farm raised trout."
Timothy C. Ports, Ports Seafood, San Francisco
"The trout we receive from Mt. Lassen Trout are a week fresher than any other fish that we process. It is always exciting when the fish come in live because it is one of the only times we as fish buyers get to see the fish with their natural beauty and color.

Because of the high velocity of water these fish are raised in, they have a texture that is unsurpassed in terms of muscular firmness and consistency, making it more exciting to the pallet. They are simply as close to wild trout as any farm raised fish you can get. "
Mel Wickliffe, Pier 45, San Francisco

Mt Lassen Trout is the finest trout available on the market. The trout are raised in pristine spring water and are second to none as far as quality.

This is my 38th year in the Seafood Business and I can say that I have not seen a better product than the trout that Mt Lassen Trout provides.

Pacific Seafood has been supplying Mt Lassen Trout to our customers for the last 3 years. We have had 100% positive feedback from our customers, they all Love it!!

Pacific Seafood has been selling Mt Lassen Trout's "Sierra Bow Trout" to Raleys for the last 3 years. They are committed to this fine product and look forward to providing this quality product to Raleys customers for many years.

Chuck Holman, Pacific Seafood, San Francisco
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