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The quality of the fish we produce is a direct result of the environment in which they are grown.

California Grown

Every trout and steelhead we produce is grown in northern California and shipped to our distributor within hours of harvest.

The Source

The key ingredient in all of Mt. Lassen Trout’s production facilities is clear, cold, fresh spring water that flows from the base of Mt. Lassen. We grow our fish at a higher water velocity than other farm-raised fish, creating both trout and steelhead that are stronger and more muscular.

Our Broodstock

Our trout and steelhead are spawned from our own broodstock which are the result of over fifty years of selective breeding. Maintaining our own broodstock allows us to control quality and ensure traceability of our product. The fish that we raise have been selected to thrive in our local spring fed volcanic environment.

Our Facilities

Each facility is designed for optimum growing conditions with quality at the forefront of every sustainable method used. Because of our commitment to sustainability we are continuously conducting research to improve the health and efficiency of our fish and rearing practices. This includes feed efficiency and nutrition as well as modern equipment and techniques for handling and transporting our fish.

Water Quality

All of our facilities are regularly monitored and tested for water quality. Each production facility meets or exceeds all California state water quality standards. All of the water that flows through our facilities is considered non-consumptive, meaning we do not diminish the source or impair future water use.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Because our fish are raised in northern California and only a few short hours from the market, we are avoiding the additional carbon footprint issues that are associated with fish production outside of California and the U.S., and in particular fish that are flown into the U.S. from international locations.