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Mt Lassen Trout is featured on the cover of “Top 100 Restaurants 2016”, a publication of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Every year the San Francisco Chronicle compiles a list of the top 100 restaurants in San Francisco. The cover photo is of “Smoked Mount Lassen trout at Octavia in San Francisco, served with creamer potatoes, cream cheese and grain mustard.”

“The Mt. lassen Trout are a new standard in sustainability, flavor, and quality. We are proud to feature the trout on our menu and their story with our guests” ~Aaron Koseba, Chef de Cuisine

“the best fish in the world.” ~Paul Kahan

Cheers to the Publican Repast and Present : Recipes and Ramblings, Paul Kahan’s toast to the food they love to make and share.

“We get sustainably farmed trout from Mt. Lassen Trout Farm in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California…Mt Lassen trout is just amazing. We always say it’s the best freshwater fish in the world, but it’s actually the best fish in the world. Their ponds are fed from spring water that flows from the base of Mt. Lassen, and the fish are delivered live in the processing plant within three hours of harvest. The taste, as you can imagine, is just as pristine as their operation.”

Timothy C. Ports, Ports Seafood, San Francisco

“Mt. Lassen trout are as close to wild trout as one could find anywhere. The flavor is clean and the freshness is always impeccable. This is truly a handcrafted, artisan fish that changed my perception of farm raised trout.”

Mel Wickliffe, Pier 45 Seafood, San Francisco

“The trout we receive from Mt. Lassen Trout are a week fresher than any other fish that we process. It is always exciting when the fish come in live because it is one of the only times we as fish buyers get to see the fish with their natural beauty and color.

Because of the high velocity of water these fish are raised in, they have a texture that is unsurpassed in terms of muscular firmness and consistency, making it more exciting to the pallet. They are simply as close to wild trout as any farm raised fish you can get. “

Catalina Offshore Products Logo

“From the team of experts who dedicate themselves to producing the highest quality fish to the manner in which the fish are raised, handled and delivered, it’s clear that Mt. Lassen Steelhead is the result of passion. It’s got firm flesh, mild flavor and great fat content that our customers love. It’s just a really beautiful fish. And it’s harvested in California, which our local customers appreciate even more.” ~Tommy the Fishmonger, Catalina Offshore Products, San Diego